Meet the Suzuki EECO

Introducing the Suzuki Eeco Panel Van - the ultimate vehicle for all your business needs. With its efficient performance, safety features and ample cargo space, the Eeco is designed to make your day-to-day business errands more productive.

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The Mini SUV Your Business Needs​

​The Suzuki Eeco Panel Van is equipped with a powerful 1.2ℓ engine and 2WD transmission, providing a maximum power of 59kW @ 6000 rpm and 104 Nm torque @ 3000 rpm, making it an excellent choice for load-carrying tasks. With its fuel efficiency of 5.4ℓ/100KM, you can save money on fuel costs. The Eeco also comes with 155R13 steel wheels with a centre cap for a sleek look.

Sleek and Modern Design The Suzuki EECO features a sleek and modern design with a black front grille and black door handles.
Halogen Multi-Reflector Headlamps The mini SUV comes with halogen multi-reflector headlamps that provide clear visibility and enhance the vehicle's aesthetics.
Stylish and Stable Steel Wheels The EECO has 155R13 steel wheels with a centre cap, which not only look stylish but also ensure a smooth and stable ride.

Flexible Cargo Cabin​

​The Suzuki Eeco Panel Van has a versatile cargo cabin flatbed that can accommodate all kinds of business requirements. The cargo cabin is completely covered, providing security and safety for your cargo. With a 32ℓ fuel tank petrol capacity, the Eeco is built to handle long trips and demanding tasks.

Safety and Comfort

The Suzuki Eeco Panel Van is designed with safety and comfort in mind. With more than eight safety features, including an engine immobilizer, reverse parking sensor and electronic stability program (ESP), you can rest assured that you and your cargo are protected. The sliding driver seat and reclining front seats provide added comfort and adjustability for long drives.

Upgrade your business transportation with the Suzuki Eeco Panel Van. Contact Suzuki Centurion Select today to schedule your test drive and experience the efficiency and power of the Eeco for yourself!

Features VERSATILITY The Suzuki EECO offers a versatile cargo space with ample room for all kinds of business needs, making it a practical and efficient vehicle.
Features EFFICIENCY With fuel consumption of just 5.4ℓ/100KM, the EECO is a fuel-efficient choice that can help you save on running costs.
Features SAFETY The EECO is equipped with a range of safety features, including an engine immobilizer, reverse parking sensor and electronic stability program, making it a safe and reliable choice for both business and personal use