It is important that you understand the offer to purchase agreement and that the purchase or trade-in price is agreed on by parties involved.

When it comes to vehicle finance, many of our customers opt for a cash deal, hire purchase, hire purchase with a balloon payment or a lease.

Once you have decided on which car you want we have put together a list of steps to help with you with the vehicle finance process.

Step 1: Get the relevant documents required for financing your new ride ready

These are normally a South African ID, a valid South African Drivers License, a proof of address ( not older than 3 months)

Latest 3 months payslips and latest 4 months bank statements (if you earn commission or have additional income outside your monthly salary IE : Rent)

Step 2: Contact your sales person for the application form

This will need to be completed in full and sent with the Finance documents, should you wish to deal directly with the Finance Manager you may do so

For best rates and deal structure complete ALL the questions on the application form.

As a rule we submit your application to all the major banks for the most competitive rates for you.

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When selling or trading in your current vehicle its important to know what its worth in order to get the best deal possible.

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