The Importance Of Purchasing And Fitting OEM Parts At The Dealership at Suzuki Centurion

Cars aren’t infallible, and they work hard to get you from A to B and back again daily. Inevitably, parts will need to be replaced as part of routine maintenance or when road conditions lead to enhanced wear and tear. While the allure may be strong to purchase so-called pirate parts and have them fitted by the “I know a guy who can do it cheaper” mechanic, this is seldom a good idea, as 1) pirate parts are often a recipe for disaster, and 2) trusting repairs to someone who doesn’t know your car in and out means repairs aren’t done right.

Why Buy OEM Parts?

OEM parts, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, are manufactured by the brand that made them in the first place. They bear the seal of approval of the automaker and are held to higher standards. They’re also made to be the perfect fit every time, so you don’t need to “make a plan” to make them fit. Over and above this, these parts have guarantees and warranties, meaning if there’s a defect, we’ll replace it for you.

Suzuki Centurion stocks only genuine replacement parts for Suzuki models.

Why Let Us Fit Your Parts For You?

After you’ve bought the right parts, getting them installed correctly is vital. Not following the correct processes, using the correct supplementary fluids and fastenings, or simply putting something in the wrong way is all too easy for someone who doesn’t work on cars like yours daily. When this happens, parts wear prematurely in the best-case scenario, and in the worst, they put the lives of you and your family at risk. All of our technicians are highly trained in working on your Suzuki, and our strict quality control means every part is fitted perfectly.

The Bottom Line

Your safety matters, and while it might sound tempting to take shortcuts on cheap parts and labour, that often leaves you paying more in the long run to fix new issues, and sometimes, can cause accidents and poor road safety. When it comes to keeping your car in perfect condition, trust the experts, trust Suzuki Centurion.