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About Us

The Haval was developed to showcase GWM’s innovative SUV models. Haval has been independently operating since 2013 and is dedicated to high quality and professional products.

GWM also earned the top spot on the Valuable Listed Company Brands in China in 2018. Furthermore, GWM was listed among the ‘100 Listed Companies Highly Respected by Inventors’. We seek to grow our brand by building trust among people and the Centurion Select branch is committed to seeing this vision through.

In September 2017, South Africa hosted the Festival of Motoring in Kyalami, where the illustrious Haval H6 C was officially launched. While the Haval H9 was unveiled in 2018 during the South African Festival of Motoring Kyalami, at China’s 40-year Economic Reform and Opening-up in June of that same year we saw the Chairman of GWM, Wei Jianjun, being named ‘Admirable People in China's Automotive Sector.’ Since then, the Haval driverless car has won many major awards.

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