P-Series Commercial Single & Double Cab

GWM Commercial Single Cab

Introducing a powerful new line of GWM bakkies, designed with the power to conquer South African roads; the dominating GWM P-Series. A new addition to the P-Series is the Commercial Single Cab, a bakkie built for all-round performance and reliability. Take your driving experience to the next level with the Commercial Single Cab’s six-speed manual transmission gearbox and choose from high-performance 2WD or 4WD variants.

A smart exterior & thoughtful interior design

The P-series Commercial Single Cab offers an eye-catching black interior and features a 3.5” full-colour instrument cluster with smart technology, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a sunroof to regulate lighting and airflow, all designed to enhance the comfort and luxury of every off-road exploration. No matter what your haul may be, the GWM Commercial Single Cab’s exceptional load capacity means you’re ready to easily take it anywhere.

Packed with handy features for safety & convenience

With standard safety features like HBA (hydraulic brake assist system), TCS (traction control system), collision automatic unlock function and more, GWM P-Series Single Cab offers more peace of mind than ever before.

Reach out to Centurion Select GWM to book a test-drive and soon you can experience the GWM Commercial Single Cab.

Recommended Retail Price: From R378 900

GWM Commercial Double Cab

Meet the P-Series, GWM’s potent new line of bakkies, created with the power to navigate South Africa’s toughest roads and built with versatility and durability in mind. The Commercial Double Cab is a P-Series bakkie that offers practicality and performance, with multi-link rear suspension. Choose from a six-speed manual transmission or eight-speed Automatic transmission, as well as a petrol or diesel engine.

Prepared for any load

Its interior is stylish and luxurious, with leather seats and intelligent technology that ensure even the longest journeys are always pleasurable. With such a remarkable loading capacity, the Commercial Double Cab lets you haul even the trickiest loads with ease. Its outstanding loading capacity means you can take any haul, anywhere with enjoyment and ease.

Enhanced control & safety features

With the GWM P-series, safety is standard and the Commercial Double Cab is no exception. Its steering wheel features steering-mounted controls that allow you to keep your hands on the wheel at all times, as well as hydraulic brake assist system and collision automatic unlock function, ASR, traction control system (ASR).

Get in touch with Centurion Select GWM to book a test-drive and get ready to discover the power of the GWM Commercial Double Cab.


    P-SERIES S/C 2WD SX From R378 900
    P-SERIES S/C 2WD DLX From R399 500
    P-SERIES S/C 4WD SX From R428 400
    P-SERIES S/C DLX From R449 000
    P-SERIES D/C 2WD 6MT SX From R409 800
    P-SERIES D/C 2WD 6MT DLX From R430 400
    P-SERIES D/C SX 2WD 8AT From R450 200
    P-SERIES D/C 4WD 6MT DLX From R471 000
    P-SERIES D/C 4WD 6MT SX From R459 300
    P-SERIES D/C 4WD 6MT DLX From R479 900