Understanding Extended Service, Maintenance, And Warranty Plans at Haval Centurion

When buying a new or pre-owned car, some options can be intimidating. Extended service and maintenance plans or extended warranties may sound like the sales rep trying to get more money out of you, but in the end, these are some of the most important things you can sign for. They’re only a waste of money until the day you need them, and on that day, you’ll be grateful you chose them.

But what are they, and why should you get them?

Extended Service Plan

Service plans pay for the most basic maintenance of your vehicle, routine services including the labour and service items like oil, spark plugs, air and oil filters, and more, but do not cover most wear and tear items. While a new car’s service plan covers you for a few years and a predetermined mileage limit, it’s the later years when major services arrive (post 75 000 km) that matter most. These services are larger, require more parts and labour, and are more important.

Extended service plans mean even these major services are covered in full.

Extended Maintenance Plan

Maintenance plans go a step further, covering wear-and-tear items and mechanical breakdowns through age or mechanical defects. Everything from the suspension and brakes to the engine and gearbox is covered under a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans are more expensive, but when poor road conditions take a toll on your car, it’s the perfect backup plan to save you from big headaches.

Older cars are more likely to encounter issues, so an extended maintenance plan will help you even more in this scenario.

Extended Warranty

A warranty is the manufacturer’s commitment to the reliability of your car and a promise to fix mechanical defects if things go wrong through manufacturing defects. All cars have a warranty from new, but modern cars seldom face issues in their first few years of life. Extending this policy gives you greater protection when there’s a little bit of wear and tear on your ride, for ultimate protection.

Extended service and maintenance plans and extended warranties are available from Haval Centurion on all Haval models. HEV maintenance plans are not available yet, but watch this space!

Haval Centurion’s Warranty Plans come standard with most vehicles. Enquire further by contacting our dealership: 012 653 4198.

Service Plans are catered to each individual vehicle model. Contact our dealership to learn more: 012 653 4198.