Effort, dedication pay off for GWM Centurion

To be awarded the top accolade as GWM Dealer of the Year in the large category within two years of becoming the Dealer Principal (DP), is no small feat. This honour just befell GMW Centurion with Nadine Uys at the helm.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the fact that Nadine has only been actively involved in the motor trade for three years. However, the law graduate, who worked as a contract specialist for De Beers, is no stranger to the automotive world.

Select Auto Group was founded in 2007 and was one of the original GWM dealers back in the days of the Steed bakkie. They steadfastly supported the Chinese brand, which underwent a metamorphose in terms of product offering and growth over the last couple of years.

The family business, of which she and her father are the directors, was also one of the first Suzuki dealerships in the country.

At the handing over of the prize, were Nadine Uys, in the middle, with the certificate and trophy. From left are: Des Els (Sales Manager GWM SA), Bianca van Staden (Head of Brand, Marketing and Public Relations GWM SA). Wendy Havenga (Sales Manager GWM SA), Allen Li (Managing Director GWM SA), Nadine, Yusuf Patel (Head of Aftersales GWM SA) and Conrad Groenewald (Chief Operations Officer GWM SA).

Today, the multi-franchise lay-out of the dealership includes Suzuki, Centurion Select Pre-owned cars, GWM, Haval and now Tank and the fully electric vehicle, the Ora, which will be separate entities under the GWM umbrella.

“I am very humbled about the award. Receiving the top accolade in our category as well as the Sales Dealer of the Year award (Riaan de Beer) from GWM is the result of a very big effort going into the business to bring about a turnaround strategy that is now bearing fruit for us,” Nadine tells Dealerfloor.

On the Suzuki side, the dealership has won two consecutive Dealer of the year awards over time Add to that the fact that they sold more than 100 new Suzukis since November last year, which makes it one of the Top 5 Suzuki dealerships in the country.

Johnathan Sherriff and Riaan de Beer.

“Our dealership is fortunately large enough to accommodate the expansion on the GWM side with the addition of more nameplates from the manufacturer. We have a secure section in the workshop to accommodate our first fully electric vehicle, the Ora, as well as more hybrids coming our way. In terms of safety requirements and the training of our technical team, we are on standard.”

Nadine tells us that in getting the different brands and the dealerships’ name out there, they are involved in several projects from vehicle exhibitions to sponsorships, to make potential customers aware of what they have on offer.

The multi-franchise dealership in Centurion.

About her road to the top, she says being thrown in at the deep end was probably the best way for her. “Taking time to learn an industry could see you struggling to get out of our comfort zone. I did most of my training and courses during my first year. I am fortunate to be surrounded by an experienced team that has been with us for many years.”

How does she feel about the future and the month-to-month downward trend of new-car sales?

“We are in an industry where you cannot compartmentalise every day and predict what is going to happen. There are too many variables, and as a DP at a dealership you must be ready to face every day’s challenges, even if you are not sure what they are going to be.

“We are in an ever-changing environment and doing the same things over and over again might not cut it in today’s context. For a dealership to survive, you must be able to adapt to the demand. When several dealerships are doing it, put in a massive effort to distinguish your dealership from the rest and to stay relevant.

“With the products being the same and certain aspects of the business with little or no room to manoeuvre, renewed focus on your customers is key. The customer can buy and service anywhere. Our ability to address the needs of customers effectively, timeously and satisfactorily makes all the difference,” she tells Dealerfloor.

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