We’ve heard it all a thousand times before: servicing your car is important. But while we all start off diligently getting our new pride and joy seen to by experts at a dealership, a few years down the line, we tend to get a little lax. Life gets busy, and if it’s not broken, why fix it, right? Wrong.

While cars are machines, their engines need to be well maintained to keep going for years to come. Early services are important as the car’s engine wears in, but medium- and long-term services are even more important as older cars are more likely to encounter problems due to wear and tear.


To know why medium- and long-term services are so important, you first need to know the different types of services.

Services are typically classified into minor and major services, with minor ones including basic oil changes, filter changes, and general checks. Fluid checks and changes make sure your engine is well lubricated, and new filters make sure your car breathes cleanly. Major services include spark plugs, belt changes, and more complex checks, and take care of major items before they become catastrophic failure items.


Your car works hard, but the work it does takes a toll, and things like oil and filters become contaminated over time. Old oil prevents your car from functioning optimally, making your engine work harder to get basic things done. The longer you leave it, the more contaminated it gets and the less effective the engine oil gets at protecting your engine components.

When it comes to third and fourth services, delaying these can be bad news, as fouled spark plugs and damaged belts not only result in poor fuel consumption but increase the risk of major engine failure.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, early prevention is better than a late cure. That’s why you should service your car once a year or at the prescribed service intervals. Importantly, services should occur at whichever of those milestones comes first - even if you’ve barely driven your car in a 12-month period, fluids degrade, and the environment weakens things like belts and rubber hoses.


You wouldn’t trust your local baker to diagnose your sick child, so why would you trust anyone but the experts when it comes to looking after your car? The Centurion Select technicians are trained and experienced in your make and model of vehicle, meaning they have years of experience finding and fixing faults and performing preventative maintenance to keep your car in top condition for longer.

That’s why it’s not just important to bring your car to us in the early stages of car ownership but even into your third and fourth years of ownership, as this is when your car is likely to need an expert the most.

Older cars are more likely to have problems, which is why these services are the most crucial to be performed by those who know your car best.

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