Haval H9

Pricing from R699 900

The Haval H9 is something to be marvelled. This SUV gives the driver total control by allowing the driver to choose between 6 different road mode options. These include Auto, 4L, Sport, Desert, Snow and Mud road. This can be achieved by maneuvering the multi-functional display knob which enables the system to control the driving and braking force to attain the best performance while driving.

The Haval H9 is power-packed and features high-efficiency turbocharged fuel injection technology which enables the 2.0-litre engine to operate in the same manner as a 3.0-litre engine. It is packed with power and high performance. The engine has a capacity of 160kW at 5500 rpm which ensures that it delivers ample power when driving.

Drivers can decide whether they want to add additional extras that give the car the same driving experience as an F1 racing car. The car can easily shift between manual and automatic driving mode and deliver a sheer comfortable and elegant driving experience. It also has a safety locking function which ensures that the shift lever does not switch the driving gear unexpectedly and the vehicle has a 6-speed design together with a smooth gear shift.

The H9 features a double-wishbone independent front suspension which allows it to absorb motion traverse forces simultaneously allowing the support to only bear the car’s body weight. This ensures that the car’s body remains stable under various terrain conditions. To book a test drive, simply contact us via telephone, email or online form. You can also come in and view this not to be missed vehicle and see all that it has to offer you. We will gladly arrange finance for you at our dealership and will take the stress out of purchasing your next vehicle with us.

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