What About HEVs & EVs at Centurion Select?

You’ve probably heard a lot about hybrids (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs), but there’s still a lot of skepticism around these new technologies, especially when Eishkom decides to send you to bed earlier than expected. So, to help dispel some of the rumors and misinformation, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know about EVs and HEVs.

What’s the difference between an HEV & an EV? 

Both HEVs and EVs use electricity to help get you from A to B, but they do it in different ways. EVs run purely on electricity and have a specialised battery feeding electric motors. They are super-efficient and don’t pollute the environment with unhealthy exhaust gases. EVs need to be charged up by plugging them in either at home (slow charging) or at a dedicated charging station (fast charging). 

HEVs combine the best of electric with the best of petrol, using a combustion engine assisted by an electric motor that does not require you plug to it in to recharge. The electric motor lets the engine switch off in traffic and can drive on electricity alone for short distances, only using the petrol engine when driving on the highway or for long distances. This massively improves fuel economy, and you get to fill up with petrol rather with no need to plug in your car to charge.

Which is best for me?

It’s always important to buy the right car for your needs. If you regularly go off-roading, you’re not going to buy a small city car, and the same is true with EVs and HEVs. If you live close to work and don’t often drive long distances, then an EV could be perfect for you. With between 300 and 400 km of range in the GWM Ora 03, if you live within 10km of work, you can drive for more than 2 weeks without ever needing to recharge the battery. But if you drive more than 100 km a day, a hybrid will suit you better, helping reduce your fuel usage but giving you the convenience you’re used to.

Will load shedding affect charging an EV?

The important thing is to buy the right car for you, and if an EV doesn’t suit your lifestyle, then buy an HEV instead. Load shedding won’t impact EV ownership much, though, if you form good habits. Just like you plug your phone in every night when you go to bed, plugging in your EV when you get home at night means you always have a full battery. Imagine never having to visit a petrol station again.

To find out more about HEVs and EVs, visit Centurion Select and let our team show you the ins and outs of electrified motoring: 012 653 4198.